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Aug 15, 2011 at 03:16 PM

Wrong customer number in ORDERS IDoc


Hello gurus,

we are trying to send MM orders from one of our company codes to another one (same system, same client).

The ORDERS IDoc is sent without error, but the we get an error message on the inbound side:

VKORG, VTWEG, SPART cannot be determined for customer 0000569630, vendor 0020011961

Message no. VG204


No sales organization, distribution channel or division were sent to the IDOC. This data is necessary if a sales order is to be added automatically. If this data is unavailable, you cannot create a sales order document.


If data on the sales organization, distribution channel and division have not been entered in the IDOC, it must be determined using a user exit defined in the program.

The thing is, the customer does not have the number 569630 in our system! Still the number is in the E1EDKA1 AG segment in PARTN. The vendor number is correct.

Where does this strange customer number come from?