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Aug 15, 2011 at 05:01 AM

Condition type MWST tax code A1 does not exist


Hi all,

I'm facing the problem while I'm releasing Billing doc to Accounting. This is the error

Condition type MWST tax code A1 does not exist

Message no. FF762


When calculating tax, the system tried to determine the condition amount and the condition number from tables A003 and A053 using the specified condition type and tax code. However, no values were found there.

System Response

The specified amount cannot be posted in FI.


Check the Customizing settings for the specified tax code. Check whether the validity period (possible with tax jurisdictions) is defined.

I have already checked FTXP, and the Tax Code is already there.

I have already checked the condition record, and it is already there,

Maybe I have missed something...?

Thanks before for all your help


Rizki Harris