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Aug 14, 2011 at 10:23 PM

Auto Macro For Excel Inplace



After many days of development I was able to create a template for a standard SAP report using the Excel Inplace function. However, we have already developed a macro to perform some complex calculations for this report, and I was able to attach this Macro to the Excel template. At this point the end user executes the variant and then appears the excel template with the correct data. Now the user (in excel inplace) selects view and runs the Macro to generate the final report. I would like to cut this step out if possible where the Macro is executed automatically after the variant is executed. I have added the Private Sub Auto_Open() to the template and it works fine when opening outside of SAP. However the Macro will not run automatically when the variant is executed and the data is extracted (only manually). I basically want to cut one step for the end user so they do not have to manually execute the Macro Is this possible?

Thank You Kindly,