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Aug 14, 2011 at 02:10 PM

VL10C doubt



I am using the VL10C for combined multiple SO with partial Qty , my doubt is

1. In that Screen Some Sale Order showing Red Light and some Sale Orders showing Yellow Light & Some Sale Orders showing Green Light. What is the exact reason how can i know ?

2. is it possible to see the batch number in VL10C for respective Sale Orders?

3. At the time of Combine Sale Orders for One customer with different Sale orders system is accepted 2 Sale orders and generated Delivery Document Number , why system is not considered another Sale order ? { Sale orders what i selected Green light }

4. Some Sale Orders having Red light if i select 3 sale orders system is accepted and i done the Delivery also batch wise

what is the reason what is accepted here and why it is not accepted for green light ?

please guide me