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Aug 13, 2011 at 11:53 AM

Value of Goods receipt


I am in the middle of analyzing a production order which was settled in the last year Aug 2010. It is a sales-order related production order.

When I analyze the costing of this order, I find the actual raw material cost, overhead, activity cost and the total comes to 1,827,044.97.

On the order I find another entry "Goods Receipt" where I see a credit figure of 229725.71. I think this value is posted for the goods receipt from the production order. I hope this is calculated by multiplying the FG material price available in the master record with the quantity received after production, right ? But now when I see the material master in the current period.r, no price is available in the standard, moving average or future prices in the costing data tab page. Then how this value was calculated ? (What I feel No costing was updated for this material so far)