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Aug 12, 2011 at 02:42 PM

Changing the name of an object



I have 3 Universes which have 3 differently named objects that relate to a Customer Number. For example

Unv1 = Customer Number

Unv2 = Customer Reference

Unv3 = Organisation Number

Each of the Universes (Unv1, Unv2, Unv3) connect to a different Databases (Db1, Db2, Db3).

In some reports the 3 Universes have been used to obtain the data from the various datasources and the results have been merged on the common field.

To make it clearer for users, we wish to rename these objects to have the same name (CustomerID) in each of the Universes. For example:

Unv1 = Customer Number rename to CustomerID

Unv2 = Customer Reference rename to CustomerID

Unv3 = Organisation Number rename to CustomerID

If this is done, what will happen to the Merged Dimensions that have been created in reports - will these merged dimensions need to be recreated or will they automatically resolve the next time the document interacts with the CMS??

Thanks in advance