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Aug 12, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Performance based Maint Plan and annual estimated KM



I am creating maintenance plan for Fleet. which should have the following maintenance cycle.

Minor Service at every 3 Month OR 10,000 KM

Medium Service at every 6 Month OR 20,000 KM

Major Service at every 30 Month OR 60,000 KM

Now this vehicle normally does around 25,000 KM per year. but my question is what should I specify in the annual estimate KM field of the measuring point of the equipment (Vehicle)?

I tried 40,000 KM as estimated annual KM (meaning 10000KM per 3 months) but occasionally when vehicle get 4-5 reading in a month adding into 1200-1400 KM. My MP call the KM based call first instead of time base.

I dont how MP predicts the dates, based on what?

What should be the correct estimated KM per year for my service cycles?