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Aug 12, 2011 at 06:56 AM

Hide subform via javascript depending on flag value.


Hello experts,

I want to hide one ore more subforms depending on the value of a flag.

The value of the flag is set in the interface and given as global data to the form.

The flag is put into the context but not used in the form.

For example the flag is namend vg_flag.

There are following subforms.


-> sub1

--> sub1_1

--> sub1_2

--> sub1_2

If vg_flag has the value '1' the all subforms need to be printed.

If vg_flag has the value '2' sub 1_2 needs to be hidden.

If vg_flag has the value '3' sub 1_2 and sub 1_3 need to be hidden.

No other situations possible.

The question might seem easy to You but I surfed the whole forum and tried everything in my form but did not find a solution.

It seems to me that I did not match to read the correct value of vg_flag.

Thanks in advance!