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Former Member
Aug 12, 2011 at 05:50 AM

Dep number range issue (External Assignement)


Dear All,

i am getting error wile posting Dep (AFAB) for external number range assignment for Document type AF (Dep Posting in Current Year, but in last year it get posted with internal number range only)

See the error.

Create document number range 03 using external number assignment

Message no. AA759


Processing had to be terminated, since you set up the document number range 03 for the year 2011 with internal number assignment.

System response

You should create a document number range with external document numbers for periodic depreciation posting, since the document numbers are not assigned from Financial Accounting, but by the posting program of Asset Accounting. The external number assignment, therefore, should not be understood as manually entering the document number. It is only external from the point of view of the Financial Accounting application.


Change the number range 03 from internal to external number assignment in Asset Accounting Customizing.

Why system is behaving like this. It should be internal number range as i post the Dep in other clients and it is working properly with internal number range.

Kindly Suggest