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Feb 02, 2005 at 04:12 PM

EP 6.0 SP10 + two servers



We have a central instance node running two server processes (SCS, dispatcher, server0, server1). We use the framework services to start/stop and monitor everything.

Are there any situations, such as using SDM to deploy SDA files, where only one server process should be running? If so, how do i shut down the other server processes?

Note: I used telnet to connect to port 50008, was able to "jump" to the server and shut it down. However, the framework monitoring services brought the server back up. In essence, this was a "restart" of the server, not a shutdown.

In a similar vein, if, in addition to the central instance node, i also have a dispatcher node (in effect, a portal "cluster") running (dispatcher, server0 and server1), what is the proper way to shut down these server processes to ensure only one server process in running in the cluster?

thanks in advance,

Steven McElwee, Duke University