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Aug 10, 2011 at 11:26 PM

SSL error when getting response cert from SAP.


I am configuring SSL on a CE 7.2 SP05 Java system. I have created a public key and sent it to SAP Marketplace for a temporary response certificate. I do the "check certificate" process under key storage and it gets a green light and everything looks good.

Then I try to export it to PSE and I get this error: PSE for view not updated or not created -> Missing CA certificate: 'CN=Server CA,OU=Server,O=SAP Trust Community,C=DE'

I know the certificate has that info... here is a copy of some of it from the check I did:

Result of the Revocation Check

Certificate Status:Certificate is valid

Text Representation of the Certificate

Version: 3

Serial number: 1496202198671676628009408840866878

Signature algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption (1.2.840.113549.1.1.5)

Issuer: CN=Server CA,OU=Server,O=SAP Trust Community,C=DE

Valid not before: Wed Aug 10 17:55:31 EDT 2011

not after: Sun Oct 09 17:55:31 EDT 2011

Subject:,OU=SAP,L=Calgary,OU=Server,O=SAP Trust Community,C=DE

RSA public key (2048 bits):

public exponent: 10001

modulus: dc00a3e8cfe6e221b732ae3887a7ec2ff82e8e422fdbfd8dd2472866574aabfbe01ded819c447c621faecbbcd2f9b1e51f6f2966b44b97855f7fae1cd5b523ac4d0258cc4d206af234e6c78289792f3922e9fa39cce4fe7ea1377c054d2931622216d672754318ea98855da390a58df171657900412f1d513f65b5071fce20811bb71b9f785ad5a93768be095c5bebb5618250656d28ae305f6ab94815f089e298f873b99df19826519552f44cfc1b9b234aaaccaa99aa29f8c4abeb4af2e6f53c8b1240c9403dab2e938a0408c29991df5f620af8869b8b6b420671ab9c4f3fb7bc163462cb308af21b62eb61602f7284da7e65013f02ac8330450b8c5e86c3

Certificate Fingerprint (MD5) : 2B:F2:56:5C:85:27:F1:E1:92:A3:09:A4:E8:A6:08:BC

Certificate Fingerprint (SHA-1): 36:5E:A1:BE:18:A0:D0:E5:60:07:FD:C5:BC:40:72:56:CD:2B:3B:36

Extension 1: critical KeyUsage

digitalSignature | nonRepudiation | keyEncipherment | dataEncipherment

Extension 2: critical BasicConstraints

CA: no

Any ideas on why I can't export this to PSE?