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Aug 10, 2011 at 09:16 PM

Two storage location concept in EWM AFS ROD.


Hi Experts,

This post looks very old so opening a new thread.

As mentioned I would like to know the working of AFS and ROD storage locations in EWM.

ROD -- F1 Unrestricted in putaway , AFS -- F2 -- Available for sale.

1. I can perform goods receipt for both the storage location using inbound delivery.

For ROD stock will go to stock type F1

For AFS stock will go to stock type F2.

2. As per the information I can not perform goods issue from ROD ie I can not create a Outbound delivery to issue the goods from ROD storage location.

3. If any goods issue is needed I should transfer the goods from ROD storage location Stock type F1 to AFS storage location in EWM, may be by transfer posting.

Does these points make sense ?



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