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Aug 10, 2011 at 03:46 PM

Error creating iPad mobile reports


I have a question specifically on creating mobile reports. I have searched as many places as I could find for this answer and have found nothing except ipad connection and mobile usage instructions. I must confess upfront that I am new to working with this system.


We have successfully connected to the iPad and I can see and download my reports. Per the instructions, the reports are in the Mobile category and show up correctly in the iPad app. I can open the reports, but that is where the issue starts. The server setup is BusinessObjects XI 3.1 SP4 and BusinessObjects Mobile SP4.

My understanding is that these reports are basic Web Intelligence reports that are sized for the iPad's screen. I am using InfoView to create these WebI reports through the browser-based Java GUI -- as the instructions suggest. The instructions suggest many design best-practices and suggest that pie charts and bar charts are available.


I have created the most basic report that contains only a table and a pie chart (I tried the bar chart too). When viewing this on the iPad, the table shows up formatted nicely but the pie chart has an error message in its place that says "This content is not supported".

i have taken the "Features Sample" report called "Formatted Report for Drill" and copied into the mobile folder. I appears on the iPad with tables shown nicely and all graphs replaced with the same "This content is not supported" error.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?