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Aug 10, 2011 at 03:18 PM

SPNego : FallBack requirement


Hi There,

We are currently setting up SPNego SSO for our global Portal. Everything seems to work fine.

However we want to also accomodate the "unlikely" case of SPNego not working (Say for example user is not using the recommended browser or so)

Our requirement is

1) If the SPNEGO SSO fails for some reason, we should be able to detect this failure and call a page (we can design this page with a certain message)

2) If we are not using SPNEGO at all (which is possible for instance by putting a ?spnego=disabled as an addition to the portal url) then it should call the standard portal logon screen which is the default behaviour

If we try to change the portal logon par file, even case 2 above would show the customized logon screen. So is it someway possible to "CHECK" for a spnego failure and call a customized page?

I guess you would have to play with the login modules? Please provide your valuable suggestions