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Merged dimensions and N-N relation

Dec 16, 2016 at 03:29 PM


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I have a problem with merged dimensions and N-N relations

here is an example


Student code Student Name Sister’s Name meas1
B1 Roger Jeanne 1
B1 Roger Chanel 1
B2 Nadia Maria 1
B2 Nadia Linda 1
B3 Cecili Nadia 1

DP2(no change)
Student code Student Name Course Code meas2
B1 Roger Course1 1
B1 Roger Course2 1
B1 Roger Course3 1
B2 Nadia Course1 1

I merge the two DPon Student name and Student code, which are the common objects.

My task here is to bring all data in a single table, like :

Student code Student Name Course Code Sisters’s Name
B1 Roger Course1 Jeanne
B1 Roger Course2 Jeanne
B1 Roger Course3 Jeanne
B1 Roger Course1 Chanel
B1 Roger Course2 Chanel
B1 Roger Course3 Chanel
B2 Nadia Course1 Maria
B2 Nadia Course1 Linda
B3 Cecilia Nadia

I can't use a detail relation because there is an N-N relation between non merged dimensions and merged dimension (MULTIPLE VALUE error)

I have tried to check the checkbox "Avoid duplicate row aggregation" in the tab, but no best results.

I have also tried context( Foreach, In, Forall); but no have the best display

please, how can a display this table?

Thanks in advance

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