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Aug 10, 2011 at 09:50 AM

Problem when changing the prefix of the proxy objects related to a service.



We have defined a service in PI and "imported" into DUET.

This web service is intended to be exposed and consumed for SharePoint (provider service).

We have generated the proxy and coded the methods related to the operations.

We have build the complete scenario in DUET to link this service to another one in the SAP backend to retrieve ERP data.

We have successfully tested this scenario from SharePoint.

For technical reasons, we have decided to add a prefix to the existing provider service.

We have regenerated the proxy, ...


When we test in DUET the proxy from SPROXY transaction, it works fine

When we call the service from Sharepoint (or from the Web service navigator), we receive the following error

"An error occurred while retrieving data from CON_ManageMaterial. Administrators, see the server log for more information.

Correlation ID:fe3f5d1e-a30e-4a46-b446-4731d9dfae3f"

In DUET STRUTIL transaction, we can find more details


No implementing class registered for the interface (ABAP interface, request message , request message, namespace )


---INTERFACE_NAME ManageMaterial



---OPERATION_NAME FindMaterialByElements


---PROCESSING_UNIT Sector 4: WS-Provider

---PROCESSING_MODE Synchronous




It looks like the system try to call the old version of the proxy (without the prefix) ZII_MANAGE_MATERIAL instead of ZDREQ_II_MANAGE_MATERIAL.

Also in SOAMANAGER transaction, we can see that the new version of the proxy (with prefix) is defined

Name of Service Definition: ZMANAGEMATERIAL

Name of SOAP Application: urn:sap-com:soap:application:esr:server:710

Name of Virtual Interface: ZDREQ_II_MANAGE_MATERIAL

Is there a technical problem when we change the prefix of the proxy objects related to a service or do we miss to do a step ?

Do you have a checklist to control the settings in the system ?

Thanks in advance for your help

JF Jennes