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Aug 10, 2011 at 09:06 AM

Seeking Advice on Career Path


Hi all,

There are 2 opportunities in front of me:

1. Project to implement COPA for a existing SAP user.

2. Full cycle implementation in FI.

It's obvious that the 2nd option is the better opportunity but my main concern here is that the 1st option will have guidance from senior remotely while the 2nd option I will have to work alone without any senior for me to refer to. FI config I am still okay, can always refer to internet. But not much exposures in conducting workshop, writing blueprint, producing "As Is-To Be". So if i choose 2nd option, I will have a tough time learning and might get terminated if I did not do the job right.

I only have about 1 year experience in FICO support and 1 year in 3 small projects (not a full cycle). I am a certified FI Consultant.

Any advice?

Option 1 - learning in a much relax way but requires more luck to gain full cycle project exp. depending on the employer's capability.

Option 2 - good exposures but NO REFERENCE TO SENIOR on the documentation and processes other than the config.

Thank you.