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Dec 16, 2016 at 03:03 PM

BW hierarchy keeps on breaking in Web Intelligence


Hello Experts,

Patch Level- 4.1 SP7 Patch 1

Problem Area- Web Intelligence & WebI Rich Client

We have couple of WebI reports where a Profit Centre hierarchy is supposed to be shown in LOV .

While the same Profit Centre hierarchy from the same underlying BW cube appears consistently in different reports ; there are two reports in particular where the hierarchy ends up being broken .

The behaviour is odd because it may not happen for all at the same time .

For example - if USER A and USER B is opening the same report it might happen the hierarchy will appear broken for USER B but will appear fine for USER A

Broken Hierarchy -

not broken -

Patch Level- 4.1 SP7 Patch 1

when the Hierarchy appears broken we subsequently fail to run the report with this error

we also tried opening the report in WebI Rich Client and the Query Editor fails to open with this error

the issue does not happen all the time for all users .It's very intermittent in nature .

Kindly help me out in investigating the root cause of this weird error .

There is little to no documentation on these errors for WebI .


Sourav Roy


broken.jpg (59.1 kB)
not-broken.jpg (44.6 kB)