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Aug 10, 2011 at 08:32 AM



Dear All,

i am working on appraisal for my client , i am new to appraisal i have read lots of document regarding appraisal but still i am confised.

According to my client process-

Appraisal is initiated by appraiser this will be done through ESS we are implementing ESS also.there is no goal setting & self client is using very traditional template in which they are having only attributes like job knowledge, Communication skill ,decision making power etc. with the scale of Unsatisfactory-Satisfactory-Good- Excellent.according to current practice appraiser fill the appraisal with the above scale, after filling all the attributes he will forward to any officer cader employee, because there is no fix reviewer, the reviewer can only change whatever appraiser fill or save as it is.

Rating giving by Appraiser

Eg.- S.No. Attributes Rating

1 Job Knowledge A

2 Communication skill B

3 Decision Making C





After Filling the appraisal by appraiser he will forward to reviewer.

Reviewer can change the appraiser rating or approve it as it the below eg. reviewer changed A to B, B to C.

Eg.- S.No. Attributes Rating

1 Job Knowledge B

2 Communication skill C

3 Decision Making C

My queries are-

1 According to client requirement scale should be displayed as a A-B-C-D options.

But Every element of scale has some marks , marks are varry from attributes to attributes.Eg Job knowledge attributes having 2 marks in unsatisfactory but in Communication skill it has 1.5 marks.


A- Unsatisfactory- 2 marks

B- Satisfactory -4 marks

C- Good -6 marks

D-Excellent -8 marks

please tell me how to map this scale in SAP.

2 i am very much confused in column tab in appraisal template in PHAP_CATAOG , in my process what will be the columns.i read lots of material but not able to decide.

3 According to my requirement what should be the status & Substatus.

please help me in this regards.