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Aug 09, 2011 at 01:40 PM

change name server fqdn in nwds



Iam trying nwdi by clicking the link "Modify a Software Component" link in http://<host>:<port>/devinf . i have successfull finished that wizard.when i opened the development configuration perspective and import the configuration. then selecting the required one in development cofigurtion import wizard.after that when iam creating new dc from context . It is showing the error nameserver is available at this moment . when checking the name server url it is taking is http://<host>:<port>/sld/cimom

but the <host> is not fqdn. it is showing only hostname

i want to change name server url to fqdn

when i check name server from a browser using only host name it is not getting connected

when i check name server from a browser using fqdn it is getting connected and showing message;(This is the location of the SLD CIM Object Manager that processes WBEM requests (CIM operations over HTTP).)

please help on this