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Individual Purchase order


Could you please explain the concept of "Individual Purchase order" with a business example? & also some explanation w.r.t. Item category (TAB) & schedule line (CB)

I have searched the internet, but I cannot seem to find some clear & simple examples.

Thank you, in advance!

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3 Answers

  • Aug 09, 2011 at 02:35 PM


    IPO: in IPO unlike third party sales order vendor delivers the goods to the business ,Business in turn delivers goods to the customer.General Item cat grp - "BANC" in MMR determine that scenario is an IPO.

    Example: Based on requirement based on sales order distributor generate PO at send to vendor, purchase material from vendors to increase their sale revenue and vendor deliver material to distributor ,finally distributor deliver material to customers according to their requirement.

    VOV7 of TAB:


    special stock-E,Billing Relevance-A,Pricing-X

    VOV6 of CB

    mov type-601

    as business receive the stock and it should be delivered to sales order movement type should be assigned.

    Order type-NB,Item cat-0,acc assign cat - E,check item rel for delivery

    check pur req,delivery sch

    As the business has to receive the goods from the vendors and business has to delivered the goods to customers.

    system has to create delivery schedule in purchasing document.It should be activated.

    process flow: IN>QT>OR>MIGO>LF>F2

    go to VA01 and raise the sales order

    go to ME21N and raise the PO with ref to P.req No.

    go to MIGO, check line item,click on post icon

    go to MMBE,check the balance stock

    go to MIRO,

    specify the PO number with ref to PO with this invoice is going to be verifies by MM and save it.

    go to VL01 and initiate outbound deliver

    the do VF01 and raise invoice.

    go to Va02 check document flow

    and check stock in MMBE. zero stock after PGI.



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    Former Member
    Aug 09, 2011 at 03:03 PM


    If you want to procure a material exclusively by individual purchase order, you can define in the material master record that the material is always treated as an individual purchase order item during sales processing. The system will then automatically determine the appropriate item category TAB.

    Kind of purchase order where the goods requested by the customer are not available at the vendor location and must therefore be ordered from one or more suppliers. After the goods are received, they are delivered and invoiced to the customer who placed the order.

    Goods which arrive at the vendor location on the basis of an individual purchase order are managed as sales order stock.

    Individual Purchase Order:

    To put it in simple words:

    1 )A customer places order with a business.

    2) Immediately the business orders these goods from its vendors.

    3) The goods come to the business premises. ( Here, it differs from 3rd

    party process, In 3 rd party, goods directly go to the customer from vendor)

    4) The business then delivers these goods to its customer.

    In SAP, for Ind PO Schedule Line cat, PR is automatically generated.



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  • Aug 09, 2011 at 09:07 PM

    Helpful thread, specially post by SHIVA

    Individual purchase order

    also helpful

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