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Aug 09, 2011 at 09:05 AM

Determine tax within pricing for shipment cost



I've the following requirement:

If multiple VAT percentages on a document exists, apply the highest amount of VAT available (25%) (to the shipment cost pricing condition (ZPIN)).

My current pricing design:

ZPIN - Contains full shipment cost amount incl. VAT, f.e. 2,95

MWSI - Contains all the VAT including goods and shipping VAT

ZPI1 - Contains the shipment cost net-value (ZPIN - MWSI for ZPIN)

Current approach:

We've two VAT percentages: 0% and 25%

Implement requirement for ZPIN on KOBED that checks whether the item contains 0% VAT. If VAT is 0% and 1 or more other items contain 25% do not include the ZPIN condition on this item. This should ensure that the ZPIN is only included on full VAT items and therefore the full 25% will be calculated.

What do you think of the above approach? Has anybody else had a similar requirement: How did you resolve this? Do you have any other suggestions to resolve my above requirement?

Kind regards,