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BI 4.0 Launch Pad - WebSphere - Customize add new link

Dec 16, 2016 at 02:20 PM


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I am working on a project to upgrade BO 3 to BO4.1. In our company, BO3 (InfoView) main page has some customization and I am trying to do the same in BO4.1 (LaunchPad). In BO3, all I had to do is to open the WAR file, make changes, create WAR file again and deploy and this has worked for us. I tried doing same thing in BO4.1 (EAR) file and it did not work for me. I did a search and find the link First of all this discussion gave me an idea that why my changes are not working (actual code that runs is in JARs and not in Plugins), however, it does not provide an easy way to solve my problem. Custom code that I have to add is not simple and easy to add in a class file take from the com.businessobjects.webpath.InfoViewAppActions_jsp.6.0.18.jar. I am hoping to find a way where I can make changes in BOE_WEB\WebContent\eclipse\plugins\webpath.InfoView and then create a jar from that. I will appreciate if someone could point me to a documentation explaining how to do that. Thanks in advance.

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Want to add few points that I missed in my previous post.

B.I 4.1 is running in WebShpere application server.

I have tried steps that are mentioned in the post that I have referenced in my post and it did not work me. Following are the steps that I have tried.

1) go to <BOE Installation>\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\internal

andmodify the precompiled.jsp.files.use line by setting it to false from true in the


2) change the page main.jsp

My changes was about adding a new link in menu bar before wellcome message to invoke another application.

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2 Answers

Ajay Gupta Dec 16, 2016 at 04:35 PM


In BI 4.1/4.2 you can NOT just open the WAR file and customize, you need to do all your customization after the WAR files is deployed. I would also suggest going to BI 4.2.3 instead of going to BI 4.1

Here are some other link that can help with the Customization:



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Shah din Sani Dec 16, 2016 at 08:38 PM

Hi Ajay,

Thanks a lot for your response here. I am a java developer on the team and have very limited experience with the BO administration. Document that you have provided above is huge. Is there a specific part of this document that I should be focusing to add a simple link in the menu of the main page of LaunchPad. I want to have a simple Proof of concept in place to get a higher level of confidence before I start implementing other changes.


Hi Ajay,

Thanks a lot for your response here and your advise about going to 4.2.3. Unfortunately, this is a constraint that we have in our project. Documents that you have provided above are very big. I am a Java developer on the team and have no experience with admin for BO. Would you recommend a specific portion of this documentation that I should be looking at to add a simple link in the menu at the top of the welcome screen? I want to implement a very simple working proof of concept to implement before I go ahead and start implementing all customization. Having a simple proof of concept will give me a higher level of confidance and will help me understand that what type of effort I should plan for this upgrade.

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