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Aug 08, 2011 at 03:29 PM

WDA + External Portal + Security


Hello friends!

@Moderator, sorry if I post it in a wrong forum, but I think the wda experts should have already faced this issue.

I've been reading all forums regarding to this subject. As you are going to see, I'm not used to work with WDA Portal integrations and I'm studying hard for it.

Could you please just guide me what I have be aware to connect WDA from a ERP server to another server, which has installed the Portal? (portal is accessed externally/internet)

I'm afraid about security, as the employees will access the portal by internet (it's already working fine, today they can access the portal externally and can use some Webdynpros Java) But for now, we are going to rewrite these WDJ to WDA.

1) The portal server connecting WDA's from a ERP server, isn't it a best practice?

2) As it is already working (external access to the portal), for now I have just to create the iViews to the WDA's from ERP server?

3) What would be the security risk when people access the external link to the Portal and the Portal redirected it to the ERP?

I would greatly appreciate your help in only guide me.

Thanks in advanced!