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Aug 08, 2011 at 12:39 PM

Details on workflow for invoices blocked for price reasons


Hi Guys,

my problem is this:I must modify a custom wf about invoices blocked for price reasons and I must modify two step

- The first activity step is 'List of items blocked for price reasons' with task TS90000005 and in description task I enter &_WI_OBJECT_ID.INVOICEDOCNUMBER& &_WI_OBJECT_ID.FISCALYEAR& to display these informations

-The second step is a user decision step (with task TS00008267) in which I specify in parameter 1 and 2 the invoice doc.number and fiscal year again.

Now I wish delete the first step and inserting all informations about Invoice blocked(again doc.number and fiscal year again, but also Purchase order number,Purch froup,vendor,items of Purch order,material code and its desciption,material group,Purch order price, invoice price)in the second step so the user will see these informations on inbox only by the step of user decison step.

How can I enter all those informations in the user decision step(in tab 'Decision' I see only 4 parameters)?

Thanks in advance