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Aug 08, 2011 at 06:11 AM

Preview of DMS document error


Dear all,

I am a QM guy and using DMS.

Now, I have a issue for DMS.

Our vendor upload excel file to vendor inspection LOT using Supply portal.

Then we can see the document in CV03N.

When we click the file in CV03N, we can open the excel file.

Vendor uploaded the 4 document under the same file name as below.

Lot DMS NO. Quantity filename

10004238493 30001926280 30 abc.xls

10005126544 30002442887 10 abc.xls

10005249439 30002527693 13 abc.xls

10005525013 30002732147 7 abc.xls

When I try to see the first document (its quantity is 30 )in CV03N, everything is O.K.

But When I try to see the other document (its qunatity is 7 ), I can see wrong document .

For example, I want to see 30002527693 but 30001926280 is shown.

I think same filename cause the error.

Somebody help me ?