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Jan 31, 2005 at 03:45 PM

Discussion settings KM/COLL P5 HF4



I'm currently using EP6 SP2 with the P5 HF4 version of Collaboration and KM. I was experimenting a bit with the commands and UI settings for the discussion, and have somehow managed to end up getting an exception when I try to view the posts in a discussion...

Could someone please copy/paste default (or working) settings for the UI Command Groups for the Discussion on patch 5?

You can get these by going to System Administration -> System configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Configuration -> Content Management -> User Interface -> Commands

You can then filter on 'Disc' (note the capital D, the filter is case-sensitive). This filter results in about 2 pages of command groups. It would be really helpful if someone could copy the contents of these 2 pages (so the table listing 'Alias Bundle File Command Icon Path Description Key for Label Key for Tooltip Commands List Parameters Java Class').

Thanks in advance!