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Jan 31, 2005 at 01:39 PM

missing a single space in html output


Hello to all,

take a look at the following code copied from a View

<% DATA: eins TYPE STRING VALUE 'ClassEins',
         zwei TYPE STRING VALUE 'ClassZwei'. %>
<span id="Test1" class="<%=eins%> ClassZwei">test it</span>
<span id="Test2" class="ClassEins <%=zwei%>">test it</span>

it works fine if compression is set to NONE, but if compression is set to 1 (remove spaces) or 2 (remove spaces, CR, LF) the html output looks like this:

<span id="Test1" class="ClassEinsClassZwei">test it</span>
<span id="Test2" class="ClassEins ClassZwei">test it</span>

Where is the single space? What’s wrong? Why is the first space removed, but the second isn’t?