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Aug 07, 2011 at 05:27 AM

Replacement path variable using query: Pre-query returning # values



We are encountering an issue with replacement path variable using query. In the main query we have

replacement path variable defined on characteristic 0BPARTNER. We have 0BPARTNER in the pre-query as well and while running the main query we do get selection screen of pre-query where we do some filtering. As expected during runtime the data from pre-query for char. 0BPARTNER will be passed to the main query and data will be displayed. However, the pre-query is passing only # entry to 0BPARTNER in main query even though we have lots of records having 0BPARTNER values matching between pre-query and main query. This is happening even if we enter a single matching 0BPARTNER value in the selection of pre-query.

Interestingly, this is happening in our QA system whereas in development system its working fine. In development the pre-query is passing proper 0BPARTNER values. We do have lots of 0BPARTNER data in QA.

Is the issue happening due to huge volume of records in QA ? Appreciate any kind of help.