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Aug 06, 2011 at 06:51 AM

Log of cancelled background job need help


Hi One of my background job cancelled. I would like to know from where i can see clear log why it is cancelled. There is no short dump associated with this background job.

i would like to from which file i can get clear description of log of background jobs

Please have log file below.

job log overview for job: ZSD_DIV_HO_SALE_COLL_FTP1_MAT4 / 08175500

Date Time Message text Message class Message no. Message type

06.08.2011 10:17:56 Job started 00 516 S

06.08.2011 10:17:56 Step 001 started (program ZSD_DIV_HO_SALE_COLL_FTP1_MAT4, variant &0000000000009, user ID MAHESH) 00 550 S

06.08.2011 10:50:54 FTP subcommand: Server reports error 04 209 E

06.08.2011 10:50:54 Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE 00 564 A