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Aug 06, 2011 at 01:47 AM

Query with the days of a period and the same days of last year


I need a help.

We have a sales cube with daily values.

We have a query that restricts a month (0CALMONTH) and shows the daily values for this month.

No problem, we have only to put 0CALDAY on the line and the value on the columns.

But we need also to show the values of the same days from last year.


The restricted month is july/2011.

0CALDAY is on the line, so the query shows the values for

01.07.2011 110,00

02.07.2011 108,00


31.07.2011 109,00

How can we show in the same line the values for july/2011 and july/2010?


July/2010 July/2011

01 95,00 110,00

02 96,00 108,00


31 94,00 109,00.

Thanks in advance

César Menezes