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Former Member
Aug 05, 2011 at 06:04 PM

Add some missing scenarios to non-leading ledger in a live system


Hello members,

At my current client, they are using NewGL functionality and have multiple non-leading ledgers.

The new GL functionality is working fine and overall no complaints.

However in a curious case, and this has been there since the initial system build - there was no scenarios activated for just one non-leading ledger. Scenarios FIN_PCA, FIN_CCA has not been assigned to one non-leading ledger and as a result FAGLFLEXA is not recording those values for that specific non-leading ledger.

The fix would be pretty simple - add these in the config. But I am hoping to hear from experts in New GL if they are aware of any complications arising out of the config change. Does it cause any problems down the line? And is there a way to retroactively update the documents that have already been posted without the scenarios? I looked at quite a few places for answers but did not find anything.