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Aug 05, 2011 at 05:07 PM

BPC Office Client error: "ghost" dialog window


On one of our client laptops (Win XP, MS Office 2007, BPC Frontend 7.00.07), the problem emerged couple of weeks ago: certain dialog (pop-up) windows appear only in the Windows' taskbar but the window itself is not visible. The main Excel session window switches to waiting (non-responsive) mode until the ghost window is closed using right-click menu at the taskbar.

This applies to the following commands: eTools->Open Dynamic Template, eTools->Save [Dynamic Template] As, eSubmit->Open Schedule Library, eAnalyze -> Open Report Library

We tried to uninstall and re-install SAP Frontend on this machine but it did not help.

Other users with the same software on their PCs never reported such problem.

There were no software or config changes made on this PC prior to the problem was detected first time.

Appearance / theme settings for windows are standard (XP).

Regional settings may be non-standard, but this applies to other PCs as well.

Did anyone else experience similar problems?