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Aug 05, 2011 at 03:10 PM

Using Preview when printing from SAP


Just starting to use SAP Java GUI on the Mac and one of the 1st items I discovered was the inflexibility for printing. I would need to define the printer in the preferences of the SAP Java GUI and then anytime I would print it would just go to that printer.

Problem with this is that sometimes I work from within the office, and sometimes from home with as a result that my printer changes.

When on Windows, I also often performed a print from within SAP but then selected the Adobe PDF printer instead so that I had a resulting PDF file.

What I thus really wanted was for anytime I print from SAPGUI to the local printer to get a print dialog just like it does on Windows. I checked around but could not find anything to replace the lp command with on Mac that would then provide this. As a work-around I developed the following small script instead. Now instead of just printing, the print-out will be shown in Preview as a PDF. From here I can then save it as a PDF, print it, mail it, .... anything else one can do with Preview.

This is not the exact solution I wanted as I wanted to just get a print dialog; but this gets me a lot closer to it. 😊

See next post (hopefully as I am having issues posting) for script & steps.