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Converted amount issue in AW01n when selecting other currency

Dear SAP experts,

I have an issue using ABUMN with converted amounts into different currencies.

I booked a retirement of 100 usd by ABUMN.

Under leading ledger 0L, in Depreciation Area 01 IFRS (USD), I get in AW01N the amount of 100 USD.

But Under the same ledger, in Depreciation Area 30 GBP IFRS, I get 65.05 GBP using a Strange rate from Feb 2015 which makes no sense (1.53730).

After that, using Currency Translation Method USD, SAP converts 65.05 GBP into 98.49 USD using another rate (1.51407).

I cannot justified the gap between both USD amounts. Could you please help on this topic?

Best regards, Patrick

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  • it seems the bug is occuring during the conversion between USD amount entered in ABUMN and the GBP amount.

    After debugging of ABUMN, the program proposed the correct rate, but in AW01n the amount in GBP get wrong, why ?

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