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Aug 05, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Std Price Difference in Material Master and Material Ledger(Sales Order)


Hi Gurus,

As i understand those inhouse products with the price control of S. We are doing cost estimate for Both FG and SFT items.

It was noticed that while doing delivery for the FG Items it is picking std price in the material ledger.The FG prodution order created with Sales order.

Regarding good issue to the next level order for the SFG items the price is picking from Std price as we did based on cost estimated.

The same we did cost estimate for FG Items.But production order value is different from the standard price.Even if we look in the material ledger CKM3 if it is with sales order the price is differenct and if without sales order the price is the same in the cost estimate.

Can anyone guide why the difference and any config needed or where the value is deriving.

Thanks and regards.