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Aug 05, 2011 at 08:44 AM

Validation - Check unique Supplier + Supplier Ref.



I've been trying to set up a validation in MDM Data Manager but it's still not working.

The objective is to avoid the user could create (manually) more than one record with the samen Supplier name and Supplier reference, when the SAP material number is empty (this is automatically updated after creation through an interface from SAP R/3 to MDM).

In addition, there are 2 calculated fields into the repository:

'Unique key' which is the concatenation of (SAP Material nr + Supplier ID + Supplier reference).

'Supplier ID+Supplier reference': Concatenate Supplier ID + Supplier reference.

I've tried with following logic:

IF(Material type[Record]=Material type [Goods] AND IS_NULL(SAP Material nr),TRIM_ALL(Supplier ID + Supplier reference)=TRUE)

I've also tried with:

IF(Material type[Record]=Material type [Goods] AND IS_NULL(SAP Material nr),COUNT(Supplier ID +Supplier reference)<=1, Supplier reference)

I don't know if any function can check information contained on all records or they are only checking each record individually. I mean, for example, function TRIM_ALL returns you the value of specified string. But, is it searching this string into a single record? is there any function that search over all existing records into the repositories?

Could anyone show me how should I do this validation?

Many thanks in advance.