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Aug 05, 2011 at 07:58 AM

Replacing DSO with InfoObject for storing time-dependent master data


Hi Gurus,

currently I am storing time-dependent contract items in a DSO. The posting items are enriched with this master data as well as some other transaction data into another consolidated DSO, which includes the time-dependency (valid from & valid to) as well for better performance. But this means that we will have a large number of records, because 1 new posting item could end up with few posting items more due to the versions of contract item.

Since there are many posting items (>50 millions yearly, daily peak 1-2 million) and the complexity with delta management, I am considering whether to use an InfoObject for storing the contract items. The number of contract items are not many, about 300,000 after migration and about 10,000 each month.

Hence, I would like to ask whether this approach is feasible? Is there a size limit for a master data InfoObject?

Thanks in advance.