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Aug 05, 2011 at 04:29 AM

Need help in BDC Recording.


The scenario is .

-Create a database table with the parameters from the excel file(tab name , description , domain name etc..)

-The table should be created when the program is executed.

-i use the "N" mode while the program executes.

The requirement is , when the program finishes executing , the table should be created . But While defining the Technica settings and at during final exit , the program displays two modal dialog boxes weather to save the contents or not.

We have to manually click 'YES' button to save it . I tried to auto save by using the code ,

perform bdc_field using 'BDC_OKCODE'


it did n work

Is there any other method to auto save the contents of the values at that two points ??

It works fine in "E" mode.. But i need to run it in "N" mode.

Friends Please help ...