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Aug 04, 2011 at 07:13 PM

Can an ECC system be a BI system


Excuse the ignorance - been many years since I've worked with BI/BW!

We have a scenario in which we have a non-SAP data warehouse environment at our company. We'd like to send FI/SD over to them. We have the crazy idea that we could make use of the extraction concepts/programs inside ECC - but would not send the data to an actual SAP BW system (i.e. let it sit in the staging tables in ECC).

Other than general feedback on this idea, I was curious about whether this is technically do-able. Given that BI is part of the Netweaver stack, I am thinking that maybe it could be done to go through the basic BI system setup and then the SAP source system would be itself!

Any chance anyone has ever done this and can share advice?