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Jan 28, 2005 at 04:13 PM

Monitoring of IDOC


Hello all,

I try tu have a good monitoring of IDOC.

To be clear, I will explain the problem.

We use the IDOC HRMD_ABA for the replication sap HR towards an other system CRM.

Sometimes we have some IDOC not in error but not fully posted status 52 (via transaction BD87).

The problem is : the message is not fully clear I don't know on which segment I got the error. I would like to add more information to the message, I look on customer function but I found no appropriate function => I told me why not to copy the function module [IDOC_INPUT_HRMD] for the IDOC's post into a [ZIDOC_INPUT_HRMD] function module and to manage better the message error but it looks a heavy work.

Anybody has a better idea to realise that ?

I try also to read the table EDIDS and EDID4 but the information was not helpfull.

Thank you very much in advance, Gene.