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Aug 04, 2011 at 12:04 PM

Pricing description in custom report



We are developing a custom report. The report will fetch invoices from VBRK table for a a given date.

For the selected invoices, we need to pick pricing condition types as in invoices from table KONV ( VBRK-KNUMH=KONV-KNUMH ). In this way we have all the condition types for the invoices.... I have following questions :-

a) in the invoice pricing, I also need to have text elements and their values in our custom report. that is I need to fetch the word "gross price" and its value from line item pricing ( Both KWART and KWERT ).... I also need to have "profit margin" and its value ( both condition base and cond value ),

I also need to have any other description I have in invoice pricing and its value like "rebate basis" and its value etc...

what logic should I use to fetch the above description and their values ( both base value and final value as appearing in pricing screen of invoice line items ! )

b) KONV shows item wise records. Pricing is also stored at header level in invoices... which condition table is used to store header condition and the values ?