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Jan 28, 2005 at 03:48 PM

Strange problem with MI 2.1 SP03 Persistence


I am coding an application that makes use of persistence.

I want to persist two different object types, just like Car and License in the Persistence Simple example. In contrast to the example the two classes have no association, they stand without a link.

I have implemented a PackagePersistenceMaster describing both classes' structure. When I try to do something persistently with myClassA, it works. But the other one does not work.

I get a PersistenceException with message "No ClassDescriptor registered for classtype myClassB" error.

The description is syntactically correct and no other exceptions (like DescriptorException or sth like that).

This is illogical, because myClassA with the syntactically similar description works perfect. Anybody got this error and has a hint for me?

Best regards,