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Aug 04, 2011 at 11:19 AM

Questions about picking a file from file system


Hi experts,

excuse me if it is a basic question, but I'm confused about accessing file system with XI.

My need is to pick up a PDF file from file system ,the file to be picked is in file system ECC.

I have created a sender channel with transport protocol File System (NFS).

With transaction AL11 I'm able to see file system (SAP directories).

In column: "Name of Directory Parameter" I see the name of the directory which contains the file to be picked: DIR_GE

In column: "Directory" I see:
dm10sa21\sapmnt\GE where dm10sa21 is the name of the ECC server.

My questions are:

1) XI has access to file system XI or to file system ECC? (The XI server is dm10sa09, so a different server)

2) In file system some directories are defined with a disk name and a path (Example D:\usr\sap\...), some others with a server name (example:
dm10sa21\sapmnt\GE). My case is the second. Is possible to access in the second case?

3) If it's possible, what is the correct parameter to write in sender channel (like source directory...)