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HCP HTTP Destination connection problem

Hi experts,

I've searched through the SAP network but still I don't get were I got wrong.

I have a Java Web Service connected to an Hana Cloud Database that exposes some queries. I can call successfully all the queries from browser.

I have wrote a SAPUI5 application that can access to that data and expose them in a Fiori-like style.

I have set the destination in the neo-app.json file as follow:

"authenticationMethod": "none",
"routes": [
"path": "/predictiveiot",
"target": {
"type": "destination",
"name": "predictiveiot"
"description": "Predictive IoT Data Sensor Dashboard"
"path": "/sapui5",
"target": {
"type": "service",
"name": "sapui5",
"description": "SAPUI5"

My first problem is that I'm not sure how to write as path.

Second problem is that I cannot load data from the service: I use the following function to do that:

var getModelFromURL = function(url) {
var oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();
oModel.loadData(url, null, false);
return oModel;

where url is the same as the path (which make no sense to me, but I do not know otherwise how to call that url).

The resulting oModel is empty. I know that the request does not reach my web service because I run the application in debug mode in eclipse and the doGet method is never called.

I've adapted this application starting from a previous application that work in the exact same fashion (UI5 front-end calling java web services) on another database and works great.

I cannot understand where is the problem. Wrong parameters? Some timeout reached that I can't see? Can you help and show the way?



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