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Aug 04, 2011 at 08:59 AM

Agency Business - process modeling in SAP


Dear Experts,

I need help with the Agency Business. The case is the following:

There are two companies - A (Mother Company) and B (Subsidiary Plant)

Company A negotiates with the Customer.

When the the Customer places an order he makes a payment to company A.

Company A places this order to company B (the plant) and transfers to company B the payment from the customer (the whole amount).

After the order is completed company A issues an invoice to company B for their commission (let say 18 % of the deal).

Company B pays back this amount.

I have entered in company A a vendor billing document from company B - for the whole amount which company A should pay to company B. The calculation schema is RM6001. And I have used condition RL03 to enter the commission percentage.

As far as I understand, the next step should be to issue a remuneration list to company B for the commission. However, in the remuneration list appears the whole amount from the vendor billing document and the remuneration condition is 0. Obviously, I am not doing the things right.

I am not sure that I have understood very well the process in Agency Business. Please, advise how shall I proceed.

Best regards,