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Aug 04, 2011 at 07:08 AM

Hierarchy Analysis Authorization in BW and BOBJ Webi Report



We have a scenario wherein we have implemented Analysis Authorizations (Hierarchy) on Organizational Unit info object (0ORGUNIT) and need to report on BOBJ WEBI. Our scenario is as following

ORGUNIT - L0 (Overall Enterprise Level)

- L1 (Enterprise - Continent Wise Split)

- L2 (Enterprise u2013 Country Wise Split)

- L3(Enterprise u2013 City Wise Split)



      LO (Company ABC) MANAGER 0 will have access to the entire organization

           -L1 (ASIA) MANAGER1 will have access to ASIAN Subcontinent

                  -L2 (India) MANAGER 2 will have Access to country India
                            -L3 (New Delhi) MANAGER 2.1 will have access to city Delhi
                            -L3 (Mumbai) MANAGER 2.2 will have access to city Mumbai

                   -L2 (Malaysia) MANAGER 3 will have access to Country Malaysia
                              -L3 (Kuala Lampur)
                              -L3 (pahang)

             - L1 (Europe)


The requirement is that the CEO of the company should be able to see the entire set of data ( L0-L4).We have continent managers who can see that data specific to their continent, similarly at L3 Level the city manageru2019s should see the data only for their specific city.

In BI we have used analysis authorization based on hierarchies. We have created an authorization object say ZAUTH1 and have assigned the hierarchy L0 from RSECADMIN. Now, in Webi when we create a report a sample row comes as :

L0 Org Unit	L1 Org Unit	L2 Org Unit	L3 Org Unit	SALES Key Figure
Company ABC	Asia		India		Mumbai		1000

Now, we have MANAGER 2.2 who has only access to the data specific to his city (Mumbai). There is an Analysis Authorization object created for him ZAUTH2, by ONLY assigning the org unit hierarchy L3 (for Mumbai). When we run the bex report with the user MANAGER 2.2 u2013 it correctly displays the result and the user is only able to see the data for L3 Org Unit (Mumbai). However when you bring this data to Webi u2013 the report comes in the below format:

L0 Org Unit	L1 Org Unit	L2 Org Unit	L3 Org Unit	SALES Key Figure
Mumbai	 	 	 					1000

The L3 org unit has now got assigned to L0 Org unit , as this is the only org unit assigned to the MANAGER 2.2 user .

In such a case we are not able to write any generic formulae for the report. Is there a way to correct this issue? u2018Mumbaiu2019 should either get assigned to the L3 OrgUnit column is webi report , or is there a workaround that is possible ?

Thanks and Best Regards,