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Aug 03, 2011 at 09:22 PM

Deploying CR Runtimes for VS2010 using group policies


I'm trying to use the group policy software installation to install Crystal Reports Runtimes for Visual Studio 2010 throughout our company. We've tested single installs to certain computers just by logging in as an admin user and running the MSI without problems, so now we want to deploy to everyone. I had no problems setting up the policy and on the next reboot the software starts installing (which takes 5-10 minutes). Eventually the user can login and... there's no CR2010 Runtime. Computer reboots again and it starts installing again only to come up with nothing.

I checked the event log and sure enough there's a bunch of errors. Tracing them back I get an error for not being able to edit the registry entry for HKLM\Software\BusinessObjects\CrystalReportsSomethingSomething\Whatever

We do have group policies to lock down the registry, but my understanding was that any installs done via the policy should be done as the computer's system account... which shouldn't be locked down. The Software Installer policy is setup for the computers, and not the users. I'm not sure what to do to force it to run with admin rights.

It seems that the runtime msi either doesn't like being run silently, or doesn't like being run pre-login as the system account. Is there a different runtime installer I should be using for group policy deployment?