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Aug 03, 2011 at 05:57 PM

Using gross price instead of net price at Quotation



I'm working at a company that just bought SAP ERP ECC 6.0. Our consultants told us that SAP only works with Net price in MM. It sounds a little bit weird for us, because here in Brazil we usually use Gross price in all our transactions.

Here in Brazil we have some taxes that are included in gross price and it's a hard work ask the final user to calculate the taxes out of SAP and input net Price in the system.

I read a little bit some documentation provided by SAP at Internet called SAP Library and I found an article titled:Entering a Quotation Against an RFQ

In this article says the following: " You enter the net price per unit in the Net price field. This price includes the vendor's normal discounts and surcharges only. Cash discounts (for prompt payment) and taxes (e.g. value-added tax) are calculated separately.

You enter the gross price in the Net price field, and maintain the conditions for the item. Then the system automatically replaces the entered gross price with the calculated net price (see Maintaining Conditions)."

As we can see, there are two ways to input the price. Gross price and Net price. I'd like to know if is there the possibility to configure the "mentioned conditions" for a group material and at the moment I type the gross price in Quotation the system automatically calculate the net price?

Our consultant told us that this procedure should be done for each item in quotation, in my opinion I guess that SAP can link the applicable taxes for the material based on its group material. If something like that is possible, our daily work will be simplified so much because the system will know the taxes that should be discounted for the material and calculate automatically the net price.

If this possibility exists, could you please tell me in technique terms (transactions) that should be set?

Another question is about Taxable Income, is there any place in SAP where I can configure the Taxable Income for a material or group material for the taxes set at "mentioned conditions"?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry about my English.

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Amorim, Rodrigo.