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Aug 03, 2011 at 03:55 PM

Callable Bonds - Yield to callable date and yield to maturity



Could somene help me on my issue.

I need to configure Callable bonds. As there are no standard product type for callable bond, I believe I should use 04I - Fixed-interest bonds.

But, I am not sure where to put the callble date. Because, there is no specific field for this date if I us 04I. Further, I want the system to calculate the Yield to Callable date and Yield to maturity. In the 04I TS01 screen, we have a field "Effective Interest Rate". But, it calculaes the Interes from Yield. But, I need to Inteest to Yield. Is there any way to do so. If it is not possible in the TS01 screen, is there any other place/report where I can get he Yield details?

Thansk and Regards